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Be a Doctor of Physiotherapy with an Edge through Azra Naheed Medical College!

The modern world offers lots of facilities and luxuries along with gadgets. But the crux of the situation is that the hard work and the physical exercises are out of our lives. The diet and the pesticide effects have also changed the food qualities, and it has seriously affected the health has affected the bone structure of human beings around the globe. So, physiotherapy is quite a need of not just players but of normal citizens. Now the backache, joint issues, arthritis, and many other related issues are only addressed by the doctor of physiotherapy. Keeping the needs of the current times, Azra Naheed Medical College has a fully accredited Doctor of Physiotherapy degree for the aspiring students who have just passed F.Sc Pre-medical

Azra Naheed Medical College Lahore falls under the umbrella of Superior University, and it offers multiple degrees accredited by all government departments. Doctor of Physiotherapy is just a step ahead for all those students who want to get their degree from the top university in Pakistan. With physiotherapy courses in Pakistan up to a level of global standards, it gives students an edge to be part of the prestigious Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, and with an edge over others in a way. The best thing about the physiotherapy degree is that it is rewarding and paying great to its graduates right after the award. 

Physical therapy is so important that all doctors and clinics need to hire at least one licensed doctor of physiotherapy as the patients with different ailments need this therapy. Some people need to have physiotherapy after surgeries, accidents, and injuries it is highly necessary to get a therapy workout of muscles and tissues by the professionals who know the delicacies of the body. It is highly necessary for all pre-medical students to realize that they can get a very prosperous career even if they don’t go for an MBBS degree. They can make it into other domains of allied health sciences like the doctor of physiotherapy and can earn recognition, money and will be able to serve humanity as well. The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is offering multiple degrees and certification programs like the Pham-D program, Doctor of Optometry, Medical Lab Sciences, BS Medical Imaging, BS Anesthesia Technology. The Doctor of Physiotherapy gets an instant job at the clinics, hospitals, sports academies, public and private organizations, and they can offer their services to individual clients. They can open up their own setup with the latest equipment and machinery. At the same time, physiotherapy is a full-on five-year degree program that allows one to be a doctor, and to gain practical experience as a must part of the Azra Naheed Medical College teaching methodology.



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