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Bachelors in Data Science Program is Up to a Global Standard at Superior University!

The world is fast-moving with innovations and new technologies that are emerging with amazing performances. The latest technologies have life easy and at the same time there are new complexities, and the learning framework has reached out to the next levels. Not everyone can understand the operations of new software, mobile applications, and secure their personal and professional data in the online format. The BS Data Science is a very fresh promising degree, and not everyone knows about it in Pakistan. Even most of the top private universities in Pakistan are not offering the said course. But here comes the value of the top engineering universities in Pakistan then Superior University with its Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology has an edge. 

The best thing about having a degree in computer sciences and information technology is to have an edge. It is highly necessary to see what sorts of study programs are being offered at different universities in Lahore. The bachelor’s in data scientist course in Pakistan, and in particular deals with the online storage of data at cloud spaces in different areas. How to make sure that the personal or professional data is stored in global clouds. It is necessary to understand that high-end security is required and the different organizations make sure that their data is all encrypted and secure like banks, legal departments, and government organizations. 

Superior University offers a BS Data Science degree with respect to what is taught as a part of the software engineering program, and as a separate study course. It is highly recommended to get a data sciences degree from a top university in Punjab. The most important thing is to look at the faculty members, the study program details, and what are the teaching methodologies here. Being a leading research university in Pakistan, students can find out the best research methodologies here. They can spend full three years at the university, and the final year at the professional market. The university attaches its students to the best software houses and other organizations where they can learn the art of being in the corporate sector, and to perform with excellence.  The 3U1M Program is an innovative idea of Rector Superior University, Dr. Sumaria Rehman. Who has the vision to teach students with skill-based learning programs, and to ensure 100% employability, at the end of their degree programs? So, the graduates of Data Sciences are able to perform multifaceted tasks in the Software/IT industry and in the intelligence agencies like the cyber security is a big issue. Bank frauds and money laundering cases really need experts who are well aware of the data storage and revival. Firstly, our government had to hire these professionals at a high pay scale from abroad. But the local graduates with a global level of teaching and training have made it possible not to go for the foreign experts. Isn’t it a big deal?



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